Creative Cutting By Julia
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About Us

Welcome to Creative Cutting by Julia!  This is a one-woman show.  I am a stay-at-home mom, to four wonderful young children. My business helps to make sure I can be there for them and not miss a minute of their amazing lives!  I am also active in dog rescue, and volunteer and foster for Hubbard's Hounds dog rescue.  My business allows me to give back, with donating a portion of the proceeds of my Bark Boutique sales to Puppy Mill Rescue, Beverly Animal Shelter and Hubbard's Hounds!!!
Please, feel free to check out their sites at and .   Please be responsible!! Spay and neuter your pets!! NEVER buy a dog from a pet store or internet add!!!!  ANY kind of dog is available thru rescue!! There are purebred dog rescues for every breed!  Find your next furry friend at your local shelter or reputable rescue organization, not only will you gain a friend for life, but you will SAVE LIVES!!!!


Living with 3 generations of women growing up, I was lucky to be exposed to the lost arts of sewing, crochet, knitting, canning and more.  I learned to sew at an early age, and have always loved it! I have been doing alterations, hemming and sewing for friends of ours for years, and decided it would be a good idea to start a business doing something I love!  I sew pretty much on a daily basis, with four small children someone is always growing out of something or needing mending or some other thing done!! I also make toys, cloth diapers, bibs and household items from curtains to bag holders.  Most of the things I make have been tested by my four little assistants as well as used in my own home, so you know they'll hold up for yours!

Mission Statement

My goal  is to provide top quality products that people can love and use, at reasonable prices.  I want the things that I make to be used, loved and cherished as much as if they were for my own family. 


I am Julia, the chief owner/operator and seamstress and I look forward to serving you!


Sleep/Awake dolly with her hooded blanket


Creative Cutting by Julia * Ovid, NY * (607)330-2763